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There is so much information available out there that we feel it is best to contact us for a personal consultation about your present state of health and then look at the treatment plans we can offer you.

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What is Mild Hyperbaric Therapy (HBT)?

HBT is a safe method of delivering more oxygen into the body at the cellular level.

HBT allows for healing at that level, which is critical for changes to be made which in turn affect the healthy tissue formation. Making it possible for heathier organs and ultimately a healthier body overall.

Some of the benefits of HBT can include:

Improvement in the immune system.

Detoxifies the body by forcing oxygen in and impurities out.

Improves circulation throughout your body. Increasing blood and oxygen flow throughout the body which promotes healing.

Reduces inflammation. HBT is best known for this function.

We Provide you
with Information and Viable Options for Better Health.
Accupuncture, HBT, Magnetic Resonace Stimulation, 
Kagen Alkaline Water and the Chinese Pharmacy
In Combination
can do more for your personal health and mental well being
then you can imagine.

We are here to help you understand the options available that are not invasive but tuned to your personal needs and more important - services are provided in a calm, clean and professional environment.

Please CALL TODAY to set up an evaluation with Bob and get you on the right track to better personal and mental health.